Fracula lives in a sunshine cave called Negatreon, which is a funeral parlour tailored for you.

It’s a crime not having expectations of the raw material of a fantasy world.

This is real horror, there are no theatrical ponderings.

Compared to Fracula, Dracula is custom-made tame horror banished from potency.

Fracula is the structural backbone of escapism.

He is a clever architect of death and other forms of modernization of decisions and lifestyles.

Abandoning modern society, this is the perfect reclaiming of the Gothic era.

He abides by further features of life, such as death.

Death means clearance of yourself, even if you are still alive and probably be able to be traced.

Fracula creates multiplying serenades of doom with special references to life.

He does not stabilize heaps of stuff.

Recapture the arts and conquer all with passion. Devour life’s legacy.

Fracula overturns any duplicate sphere of influence with Dracula.  

Fracula is one of the darkest characters in history.

An amazing great barrel of fun to avenge life.

An intrinsic survey of his body is impossible.

The spine is a total waste of classical physics.

Censorship is a lost cause.

Life ceases. Weirdness keeps. 



Fracula is published by: 

Positiv Tolls Tolich Toggle Dominika

(Tolich Toggle: 

Tolich Toggle is a platform in which it is easy to consider as a scenario where everyone, everything in the galaxy has an appropriate place of belonging:

Stars belong within a particular sublime constellation….

Vertebrae have a particular place in the vertebral column….

And our brothers the star fish have a special place in the aquatic world…

And where the opinions and attitudes of a generation succumb to the domineering nature of occultism.

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